THE SHOULDER BOXES FROM BOHLMEIER + CO A brand ambassador in your customers’ homes

A sustainable brand ambassador

In a world of over-stimulation and arbitrariness, brand touch points must be creative and intensive in order to achieve a sustainable brand message. In order to permanently place a product or a brand in the consciousness of the consumer, the haptic staging is a particularly intensive experience before and after the purchase. The packaging is the first haptic touch point and, in the customer’s house, also the one with the highest gross reach. The features of our shoulder boxes are outstanding in this respect.
Point of Sale
The haptic value of the shoulder boxes is excellently suitable for triggering the ultimate buying impulse at the POS. Find out more...
Connected Packaging
The shoulder box is the perfect cardboard packaging for digital networked packaging ideas. Find out more...
Customer’s house
The shoulder box is like a casket and remains in the customer's house for a long time. Find out more...
Sustainable packaging
The shoulder box offers a wide range of ecological possibilities not only due to the packaging type, i.e. cardboard packaging. Find out more...
As a gift
The shoulder box is ideal gift packaging thanks to the structure, design possibilities and feel. Find out more...

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The right packaging decides at the Point of Sale

At the POS, when the customer has to decide between different products, the impression and feel of the packaging is a critical factor in purchasing decisions when it comes to similar products. A study by Informations Resources Inc (IRI) and the Association of European Cartonboard and Carton Manufacturers shows that the packaging is at the seventh place in the criteria for a purchase decision - out of 14 surveyed criteria - and is thus even more important than the brand itself.

The decisive buying impulse through haptic marketing

Thanks to its haptic value and varied design options, the shoulder box is excellently suitable for setting the ultimate buying impulse.

Haptics that convince

When the customer holds the packaging in his/her hands, the strength and the choice of materials are sensorially important factors for the buying impulse. Of course, even the casket-like appearance that communicates the speciality.

One must experience our shoulder box to understand how strongly it communicates.

Create anticipation about the product

Our high-quality packaging creates anticipation about the contained product right when purchasing - at the cash counter and especially when opening.

Brand messages intensify after the purchase

The long life cycle of the shoulder box as a brand ambassador begins with the purchase; because it is not be thrown away after unpacking, but stays in your customer’s house as a sustainable ambassador, in contrast to many other packagings.

Convince at the POS!

Discover the convincing effect of the shoulder box by yourself and order sample boxes for your product - directly in your design.

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Connected packaging is the gateway to the consumer

Thanks to its properties, such as structure and stability, casket function, reusability, e.g. as refill packaging, the shoulder box is the ideal packaging type for connected packaging ideas. It is a packaging that continuously communicates in the customer's house. For example, the QR code on the inside of the lid is automatically copy-protected and opens digital ways to personalise for new information, eCommerce and brand worlds.

Convincing in the interaction and measurability

With a connected packaging solution, the shoulder box is a permanent brand ambassador and shopping enabler at the same time. Besides the secure packaging or storage, the benefit for the consumer can be continued in various digital ways. In-depth information on the product, beauty tips, operating instructions or the direct link for the purchase of refill options or complementary products are possible in the shoulder box lid especially with a strong communication effect. The usage behaviour and thus the conversion e.g. in connection with an eCommerce solution, can be tracked validly through a personalisation of the packaging, because the packaging is tracked and not the consumer!

Strong customer communication

The shoulder box is resistant. Whether networked or not, the communication options are varied and accurate in all respects. The lid opens just like a casket or a book. Information can be placed inside in a variety of forms and then be extended into the digital world.

The communication possibilities are undoubtedly sustainable, as the shoulder box does not tear quickly and does not have to be thrown away like other cardboard packagings. It remains and communicates.

Staging of digital product worlds

From QR code through RFID chips to Digimarc and Edding code, our shoulder box loves innovative barcode / print solutions. Each type of digital networking is possible: visible or invisible for the consumer in print, personalised for the manufacturer or copy-protected. And the best thing about it: With modern smartphones, QR codes can be scanned immediately without app installation. Connected packaging with QR code or a smarter brand app, be creative!

Discover connected packaging solutions!

Experience our networked shoulder box, haptically and digitally. We would be happy to advise you and send you networked sample boxes.

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A cardboard packaging, as valued as a gift

The shoulder box makes a gift from each product packed in it. When gifting or if the consumer wants to give himself/herself a gift, our shoulder box packagings bring a smile to the recipients’ lips. The treasure chest shoulder box awakens exactly the positive emotions that are desired by brands.

Double gifting

Of course, your product is the actual gift - but you can upgrade it so strongly with the shoulder box that additional gift wrapping is not even necessary.

The packaging as a coupon

Shoulder boxes are indispensable as a packaging for samples in the perfumery or even confectionery. The product sampling is particularly exciting in connection with an eCommerce solution. The consumer can order large container sizes directly using the QR code inside the lid.

Personalised and copy-protected, the shoulder box becomes a coupon and thus a perfect gift. The person giving the gift buys a coupon pack with 3 samples in the store or online at the price of one large container size.

The recipient selects the scent or taste of his/her choice and redeems the coupon for the desired container size through the QR code. Each gift will thus be a winner.

Everyone is glad to open a treasure chest

By gifting a product packed in a shoulder box at Christmas, on birthdays or anniversaries, the consumer can bring a very special pleasure to his/her loved ones. The special moment of opening reinforces your brand message.

Prepare now for the Christmas business!

This year, offer your customers a completely new product experience for the festival. Even if most of them had to give up so much, a nice gift will turn the end of the year into an event that they would like to remember.

Show your presence in the customer’s house

Upon arriving at the customer’s house, the shoulder box unfolds its full effect. Right when unpacking, it increases the anticipation about the contained product thanks to its presentation possibilities, thus upgrading it further.

Visible - Sustainable - Interactive

While many plastic packagings or lower quality cardboard packagings are disposed of directly, the shoulder box remains in the house and is used by the consumer. Unless the product is already used up, the stable shoulder box serves as a casket and preserves the product securely and presentably. This increases the gross reach of your brand messages enormously; haptic content marketing at its best.

Practical and contemporary

The shoulder box is excellently suitable for refill concepts. It not only supports the ecological thought and positive trend towards sustainable packaging solutions, for instance in case of cosmetics or confectionery, it also considerably increases the useful life and thus the communication of your brand messages. By the way, it also saves packaging costs if the refill product can be sent without secondary packaging.

A brand touch point with radiance

The long-term use of the shoulder box increases the gross reach of your brand messages significantly. Per se, with a view to the gross reach, the brand touch point of packaging in the customer's house is already one of the strongest touch points; it is increased further with the shoulder box.

Be present!

Let your product act as a brand ambassador in your customer’s house. Order a sample box in your design and convince yourself of the haptically strong informative value of our shoulder boxes.

A packaging that one is glad to take in his/her hands

The customer takes the packaging again in his/her hands each time when using the product contained in the casket. The perfect situation to reach the customer again and again with your brand messages.

The pleasant feel of the haptically enhanced packaging not only upgrades the product, but also strengthens the loyalty to the brand. What feels good, is also good!

Casket with the “AHA” effect

Customers like to use - and buy - a beautiful product in a nice packaging again and again. The shoulder box opens with the flap mechanism just like a casket and shows its content as if it is a particularly valuable present.

The packaging for special moments

Even for sweets that are served to guests, the presentation of the sweet is a decisive factor. A treat for the eyes. When handing over or on the living room table - the product is not only to be removed from the packaging and served, but is staged to be respectably enjoyed in the shoulder box itself.

A safe feeling during transport

The stability of the shoulder box lends your product exactly the protection, which the customer wants during transport, for example in a handbag. Fragile items such as ampoules or other products that require careful handling can be transported safely.

Feel it for yourself!

Test the positive effect that a shoulder box brings when you hold it. Order sample boxes in your design and discover the possibilities of haptic marketing.

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Reuse with lasting branding effect

Long after the product has been removed, the shoulder box unfolds your brand messages as a storage box. Especially in connection with a connected packaging solution, in which the consumed product could be reordered quickly though the QR code. Thanks to its casket-like appearance, the individual design options and especially its feel, there is high probability of reuse. Your brand messages are retained; because, what is valued, remains.

In the trend of sustainability

Whether for jewellery, bathroom accessories, stationery or other valued accessories, the storage possibilities in the shoulder box always have a special aspect. It is simply not a disposable packaging; it has the idea of sustainability in its DNA and remains in the consumer’s house as a brand ambassador with the corresponding decoration value depending on the implemented design.

A permanent brand touch point

The shoulder box is unique. So simple and so strong in its communication impact.

Trust yourself!

Normally, nobody wants to see their product misused - this is not true for the shoulder box. Because, your brand communication effects are retained even during the reuse. Convince yourself.

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Sustainability is more than only a trend

Several studies already confirm that the consumer is giving more and more importance to ecological aspects during his/her buying decision - even for FMCG. A high-quality packaging made of sustainable materials can give the decisive buying impulse and is also good for the environment. As cardboard packaging, the shoulder box is the ideal packaging for more sustainability in the packaging industry.

Ecological materials convince the consumer

Environmental protection is a topic that concerns everyone and appeals to a broad target group. Our shoulder boxes can be produced from pure FSC-certified materials or from 100% Post-Consumer-Recycling cardboard. Even the production from mixed cardboard with recycled Coffee-To-Go cups and added fresh fibre or cartons made from grass paper meets the highest standards. Sustainability is not a trend, it is our future. We are happy to advise you.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

The three most important aspects of waste avoidance - reduce, reuse and recycle - our shoulder box fulfils all of them. Smartly implemented, the shoulder box becomes a refill packaging in connection with a connected packaging solution. It is therefore not only a permanently strong brand touch point, but is also sustainable in every aspect.

Set a good example

Set a good example and trust the shoulder box as a sustainable packaging type. Contribute to the environmental protection and convince the consumer at the same time.