Confectionery Your confectionery is fine and exquisite, so the packaging should be just as tempting.

The shoulder box – perfect for individual chocolates, chocolate bars, sweets, or drops

The confectionery segment is seductive and tasteful. That's why packaging for high quality confectionery is an important element of the marketing – from a unique way of conveying the flavour to the communicative uses, such as saying "Hello" or "Thank you". 

The shoulder box by Bohlmeier is perfectly suited for this. It is an especially high-quality solution that enables you to demonstrably increase the value of your product, such as fine truffles or sophisticated confectionery. The numerous innovative design and finishing options, the special feel, and last but not least the unique moment when the lid is slowly opened to reveal the delicacies inside all signify this value.

By the way: up to 70% of purchase decisions are made spontaneously at the point of sale. The first few seconds make all the difference in whether an item is picked up. Its feel, robustness, and finishing options give the shoulder box that certain something extra – I like the look of that, I’m gonna eat it!

Styles Packaging that promises pleasure

Elegantly decorated filled chocolates, wonderful truffles, or bars of fine chocolate – the sight of these or other delicacies makes your mouth water in moments. So the presentation of the confectionery should be just as appealing. The shoulder box shows off confectionery to its best advantage with unlimited design options, from see-through windows to cut-out sections. Thanks to our innovative management, you can even go for completely transparent lids.

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Inlays The ideal showcase for any occasion

Would you like another truffle? Presenting the goods in a stimulating way is the special something extra for a seductive culinary experience – for example, if you want to offer a guest a little something more. With precisely designed inserts made of cardboard, foam, or plastic, each delicacy is not only appetizingly shown off to its best advantage, but is also reliably protected from damage.

Printing and finishing Modern technology for tasteful packaging

Thanks to the optimal quality of the print production, the shoulder box will noticeably whet your customers' appetite for your sweet treats. Each box of chocolates or sweets from Bohlmeier can be customised inside and outside and refined with all the available printing techniques and finishing options. This increases the value of every delightful, chocolatey seduction, creating an experience your customers will enjoy with all their senses.

Reusability Shoulder boxes will whet your appetite for more

After the little box has spoiled customers with its sweet delights, a second cycle of life often begins for it. This is because its high-quality functionality and the flap mechanism makes each lidded box ideal as a useful household storage box. So your confectionery brand is always in your customer's mind, creating both an image effect and spontaneous longing for enjoyment!

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