H.BOHLMEIER + CO Specialist for shoulder boxes since 1928

Shoulder box – unique & custom tailored

A third-generation family-owned company, we have been producing shoulder boxes exclusively for nearly 90 years - a unique specialization in the market for high-quality product packaging. A true benefit to our customers!

Quality and innovation

Our promise is based on sustainable and innovative quality standards. Starting with the processing of the shoulder boxes to the most modern printing processes, all finishing techniques, even the packing of the finished packaging, we have thoroughly scrutinised all production areas throughout the years and optimised them accordingly. Standstill is a step backwards, that is what they say - and in this sense, we keep investing in people, machines and processes and are in a continuous process of improving ourselves. Thereby, we ensure to meet the cross-industry requirements of our customers at any given time. Yesterday, today and in the future.

Shoulder box – your new sales (w)rap

In saturated markets in particular, brand manufacturers are looking for additional opportunities to position themselves individually and differentiate themselves from the competition. We see great potential in this area, and therefore it is our mission to establish shoulder boxes as a special type of packaging in various industries. Because we are convinced - the shoulder box is more than just packaging; a modern, effective brand ambassador in itself, it contributes to the success of a product through many innovative design options.

Bohlmeier – Partner for branded companies

We believe in partnership and above all honest cooperation with our customers. In today's fast-moving times, the achievement of a win-win situation should be at the forefront more than ever. For this reason, we refuse to work strictly on the basis of key figures and the decline of personal relationships. As a flexible niche business, we keep communication channels short and respond to our customers' needs within the shortest time possible. Fast and uncomplicated development of packaging solutions is the benchmark we measure up against.

Are you interested

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